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Re-defining Manhood: Harvey Weinstein and how his toxic manhood is our toxic manhood, too.

Re-defining Manhood: Harvey Weinstein and how his toxic manhood is our toxic manhood, too.

by Kevin Powell AS I’VE WATCHED THE HARVEY Weinstein saga unfold these past few weeks, and the stunning roll call of accusations of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment pile up, from Hollywood royalty, from actresses who never achieved fame, from women and men both, I cannot help but think of my mother, for two … Continue reading

  • For those who aren’t familiar, the Ava DuVernay-helmed show is the story of a Louisiana agricultural family—the Bordelons—dealing with the fallout after the death of the family patriarch, and is one we haven’t seen on television yet. At all. But Nova, Charley and Ralph Angel are all family to me. The writing is good. The acting is good. The directing is awesome sauce. And on occasion, the show hits you right in the feels. For instance? For instance. (Editor’s note: Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the Nov. 9 episode.) Full disclosure, since I became a father in 2009, nearly all depictions that are father-related—especially those where you see a dad trying his best—get me. I’m talking my whole atmosphere is an allergen at times. I watch movies differently since I’ve become a dad. I see commercials differently. When I’m out and I see a little girl holding her dad’s hand, I unintentionally smile as she looks at him like a hero. She has no idea what struggles he’s facing, she just knows that dad is a hero. Stuff like that gets me. All. The. Time. My thug has been disposed of and replaced with a heart. I think kids do expose you to a different side of who you are—the better side. Even the roughest dude usually has a very, very soft spot for his children. I’m no different... Read more at: Queen Sugar and the Struggles of Fatherhood
  • "There are multiple ways to great fatherhood," says Adnoris “Bo” Torres, the fatherhood coordinator of the "Padres Fuertes" initiative at Family Futures, a new program designed to specifically serve fathers of young children in the Latino community. With healthy father-child relationships in mind, Torres seeks to serve a population as diverse as the many countries from which it hails. Family Futures serves families by providing parent support, education and prevention-based programming. Strong Beginnings, a W.K. Kellogg Foundation-funded program hosted by the Spectrum Health Foundation, provides maternal-child health support to women of color and has recently branched out to include African American fathers. Each utilizing their specialized skill sets, the two programs joined forces to conduct a 2014 study called "Familias Fuertes y Saludades," or "Strong and Healthy Families." The 29-page report published in 2014 utilized human-centered design to explore what Latinx families truly needed from local organizations in order achieve equality in their communities and successful family relationships. Why Latinx? Regarding existing research about fathers and parenting in this growing population in the United States, "there just wasn't a lot out there," says Celeste Sanchez Lloyd, program manager at Strong Beginnings' Healthy Start. With 10 successful years serving the African American population in Michigan, Strong Beginnings sought to branch out to other groups of color and the group wanted to work with the Latinx community. Source: Strong fathers, strong families: New program aims to support Latinx community
  • Trying to be a parent these days, I was going to say there’s no manual, but there’s actually so much stuff out there nowadays in books, on the internet, social media etc, that it’s almost too confusing, and you’ve gotta find your own way. The way I’ve raised my daughter is to ask questions and I’ll always try to answer them, you know how kids always ask random questions? I always try to answer them as fully as I can. I’ll even Google them to find the answer. You know the dent at the top of your lip? It’s called a philtrum. The only reason I know that is because she asked me a question that I didn’t know, and I Googled it. So now we both know! Source: Rapper KINGS and dad blogger Ben Tafau chat about their lives as single fathers |
  • What was the biggest change in you when you became a Dad? That was straight up, just becoming not just about myself. I thought I was selfless when it came to my partner but I didn’t really know selflessness until I had a child. Now I could actually give her everything and not even want anything in return. Like full unconditional love, you know what I mean? That’s probably the biggest and most beautiful lesson I’ve learned that changed my life. Looking at that love, I realised in all my other relationships with anybody else – family members, business people – I approach them now with a more mature way. Like in negotiations with these contracts with major labels it’s helped me develop a mana, or an inner strength, that helps me say no when I need to say no, and say yes when I need to say yes. Because it’s not just about me now, I need to make bigger calls. It’s more than confidence, it’s like I’ve got someone more to live for now. Source: Rapper KINGS and dad blogger Ben Tafau chat about their lives as single fathers |


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“I Now, Pronounce You Man, Wife and Mom” Cartoon Strip by Alex Ogun

Crazy Comics presents "I Now, Pronounce You Man, Wife and Mom" Cartoon Strip by Alex Ogun

Crazy Comics presents - "I Now Pronounce You Man, Wife & Mom" Art by Alex Ogun


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