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Honor Fathers…the good and the bad

Fathers’ paving the way, desires the best, has endured much test. Will not candy coat the truth, the foundation of the home. He walks towards many storms to protect. Mess with his family, he will hunt to arrest. He’s been given the authority, to bestow identity to his family…

Many of us dream of having a father who fits this poetic description. If the above words describe your father, know that you have been given a treasured gift, including his imperfections

We are to honor our fathers. It’s not because of what they’ve done or have not done. This would be challenging for those of us whose fathers have not been involved in our lives. Yet, with our hearts fixed on the great I AM, who acts as a Father to the fatherless, we learn to understand it’s not what’s been done to us but how we react to it!

The prisons are filled with men and women, young and old, who were raised without their fathers. So there’s a lack of respect for the men who participated in the conception of their children. It’s understandable in the natural on why many do not desire to have any of them in their lives. But this is where God comes in. In order for us to grow forward and become free from the inside out, we must release our faith and forgive to be forgiven by God our Father!

Raised most of my life without my father, I was given an opportunity to honor him during his later years. I understood that by rejecting him, I was rejecting a part of myself… The more conversations we had, the more I understood Robert Lee Lattimore, my Dad and myself. He wrote a number one hit on the gospel charts the year I was born, 1957! Despite his absence in my early years, I learned by faith to honor him. I also believe that the gift of writing God gave him has been passed on to me. In the end, I was given a unique opportunity to lead my father back to the Lord before his passing.

I’ve heard that life is ten percent what happens to us and ninety percent how we react. If one has the opportunity this Father’s day to honor your father, thank God he is still alive and just do it!

To live daily with hope: Remember, we cannot change the past but by becoming God pleasers, overcoming evil with good, we have power from within, to change our todays.

Article contributor:

Tonya Lee Carrie Fancher is founder & artistic director of God’s Freedom Fighters Int., Inc, a non-profit ministry, a Spoken Word artist, Motivational Speaker and an Advocate for the young and elderly. She can be reached at tonyaleecarriefancher@gmail.com

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One thought on “Honor Fathers…the good and the bad

  1. This is definitely the thing I’ve been rummaging for! Wonderful and thanks very much!

    Posted by liquid chillstep | November 19, 2012, 1:45 AM

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