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How to Encourage Good Study Habits in Your Kids

Good study habits are incredibly valuable for kids. If they learn them early, they will build upon them as they grow older and this focus and discipline will help them in all areas of life. There are things parents can do to help their kids develop and build upon good study habits.

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Keep The Learning Going 12 Months Out of the Year

When you children are on breaks from school, such as during the holidays or summer, keep the learning going. This does not mean full days of learning, but incorporate learning into their days. This could be by watching age-appropriate documentaries on television, reading books or even heading to the zoo to learn about the different animals. The important thing is to keep them engaged in learning.

Be Available During Study Times

When it is time for the kids to study and do homework, sit with them. You can be doing something of your own because the key is just to be readily available should they need a little help. For example, you can kick back and read a book or do a little work while sitting at the table with them.

Create a Study Schedule

Look at their school schedule, your work schedule and any regular activities. From here, create a regular study time. For example, you may find that seven o’clock at night is the best time for this so you will sit down with the kids at this time every night to get some studying done. If you do study time a few hours after school lets out, this gives them time to play and eat before settling down for some study time. This will help because they will not be full of energy and/or hungry. You do not want them exhausted doing their homework, but you do want them to be calm and focused. Keep this schedule up on weekends and breaks too. You can schedule in reading or other activities when no homework or studying is needing to be done.

Gradually Provide More Independence

As your kids get older, you want to give them the right amount of freedom. Once your child is in grade five, it is time to pull back a bit and let them start getting into studying and homework without you having to remind them. If you started young with a regular homework schedule, your kids should not have too much trouble getting into their work without being told. Now, when you first start extending independence, be around, but not on top of them. Just glance every once in a while to make sure that they are plugging along with their work.

Teach the Kids How to Create a To-Do List

As kids get older, they will have more academic responsibilities, such as several tests in a week, papers and regular homework. It is important to create a solid to-do list to make sure that all tasks are done on time and without causing anxiety. They should write down deadlines for assignments and plan out when to study for which test. This can be done on a dry erase board or in a planner that they can carry with them. They key is to designate time each day to each task so that they can finish on time and without having to rush assignments or cram for exams.

Pick a Place to Study

Some people need noise to study while others need complete silence. Your child should figure out how he or she studies best and find a place that offers the environment necessary for focus. Their room is always the best choice because they can control the lighting, noise and other things in this environment. If they share a room with a sibling that studies differently, allow one child to study elsewhere in the house that best fits their style.

About the Author: Samuel Clemens has been writing about study tools and education solutions for nearly a decade. When he’s not writing, you can find Sam reviewing Gradesaver’s college application essays.


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