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John Legend Dishes on Fatherhood (and Baby Names!)

The musician (and father-to-be!) finally opens up about the big changes up ahead.

John Legend may have a whole lot of house to baby proof, but it sounds like he’s loving every second of it. The singer/songwriter — and soon-to-be father! — recently opened up about his little one on the way, moving into a new family home, and — wait for it… — baby names!

We’ve been following this perfect pair since they announced their pregnancy and we can’t get enough of Chrissy Teigen’s baby-on-board updates as we await for this little one to be born. But now we’re finally hearing from dear old dad about the changes up ahead. Currently, the Hollywood power couple is moving to a new Beverly Hills home — which just happens to be Rihanna’s old pad! “We’re trying to get the house ready before the baby gets here,” the musician shared with Entertainment Tonight. But moving into some new digs to fit their growing (and gorgeous!) family isn’t the only thing on Legend’s to-do list, however. Choosing a name for their little baby bundle is of course a high priority, as well!

“We have a new name every day,” Legend confessed to E! News. “We fall in love with it and then two days later we’re like no. They say sometimes you have to see the baby before you’re really sure.” If we can barely wait to see this bound-to-be adorable cherub, just imagine how the parents feel!

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And after his wife recently shared that the couple will be having a little girl, the singer also dished on his fatherhood beliefs, particularly when it comes to raising a daughter. “I don’t like the idea that girls have to be protected from men and that girls can’t have their own sexual identity and freedom,” he said. “So I don’t even want to think like that. The idea that if it’s a girl, then we gotta put her in a cage, I don’t believe in that. You just want your kids to grow up with good values and respect themselves whether they’re a boy or a girl.”Swoon. Hey Legend, care to adopt us while you’re at it?

by Jamie Cuccinelli

Source: John Legend Dishes on Fatherhood (and Baby Names!) : Brides


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