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dad blogger Ben Tafau talks about being a parent these days

Trying to be a parent these days, I was going to say there’s no manual, but there’s actually so much stuff out there nowadays in books, on the internet, social media etc, that it’s almost too confusing, and you’ve gotta find your own way.

The way I’ve raised my daughter is to ask questions and I’ll always try to answer them, you know how kids always ask random questions? I always try to answer them as fully as I can. I’ll even Google them to find the answer. You know the dent at the top of your lip? It’s called a philtrum. The only reason I know that is because she asked me a question that I didn’t know, and I Googled it. So now we both know!

Source: Rapper KINGS and dad blogger Ben Tafau chat about their lives as single fathers |


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