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We are looking for volunteers to assist us with weekly social media posting, original content creation in the form of short articles, generating new ideas and researching news and current event related to the family development and fathership initiatives. Proud Poppas United is a not-for-profit community-based organization of Proud Fathers who believe all men should stand up and be the supporters of the families and children. We’d like to encourage a tradition of active fathership by willingly and proudly handling our duties and being the best Dads we can be. This organization aims to increase the number of active fathers in our communities while teaching the importance of our role in today’s society.

You will work closely with our Executive Director, Content Manager and our Board of Directors and other support members. It is a beautiful cause and a great group of people.

Desired Skills and Experience

This position requires the following skills: Interactive/Social Media/SEO, Website Project Management, Web Design, Organization, Verbal / Written Communication.

About this company

Established in 2008, Proud Poppas United, a community-based group designed to strengthen the bonds between fathers & their children. We aim to encourage a tradition of fathership and family, increasing the number of active fathers in our community.

Want to support? Please email us here: proudpoppasunited@yahoo.com


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